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Ginger Twice are an Irish country pop acoustic duo band that consists of two friends named Amie O'Hanlon and Sarah Daly. Ginger Twice is influenced by Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, The Beatles and Picture This. Bothers Me is the band's first single and was produced by Viscose. It is a country pop song written by Sarah Daly and Amie O'Hanlon. The artwork for Bothers Me was drawn by Eileen Rattigan. Bothers Me gained over 14k streams on Spotify in just three weeks which is incredible for a new band such as Ginger Twice. They were also selected as track of the week from the RTÉ2fm radio show with Ciara and Chris. The support that Ginger Twice got was incredible.

Ginger Twice has a new single out that is completely different from their first single. It's called Burning and it's about being rejected by someone you really like. It's a folk pop acoustic song and it's very emotional and it's very sincere. It was produced by Viscose who is an amazing producer and it was written by Sarah Daly. The artwork was drawn by Eileen Rattigan who is an amazing artist.

Ginger Twice wants to bring back the acoustic music into the music industry as they feel that there is a lot of songs out there that has too much production in their songs. Ginger Twice believe that less is more when it comes to music.

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