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Jack Devlin holds the attention of any crowd, with a magnetic stage presence and undeniable energetic talent. He is a young singer songwriter with dynamic original music played both acoustically and with a full band. Alongside regularly playing in bars across Ireland, Jack

headlines original gigs and spots at festivals, and accrues loyal and lively fans, often also supporting high class Irish and international acts, such as David Keenan and Hermitage Green. His music is reminiscent of Paolo Nutini, Jeff Buckley, Kings of Leon and Ben Howard among others; but with a raw, full voice that dips and soars, Jack creates an individually distinctive sound.

Influences from folk, rock and indie genres are intertwined with a low-fi twist on many original tracks, resulting in a varied and recognisably unique musical catalogue. Working with other local artists on their tracks, and founding the original music night ‘Evening Noise,’ Jack is

quickly becoming a respected influence within the musical community. Recently cherry picking some of the most gripping and addictive tracks from his catalogue of over 40 originalsongs, Jack has been working with producers Michael Mormeca and Phil Dalton to release his first EP in 2020.

'Summer’ This song's meaning is how life carries you through the years, how things within life evolve, drafting moments and memories from past summers and admiring the future in those moments of euphoria. Growing individually reflecting on moments of joy and even anxiety of the future as continues to evolve for us as individuals this song also has a feeling of relief and an uplift In darker times, knowing there’s always a better day ahead.

Recording Process As I was writing this song, I was hanging out with my little brother and he was chatting in the background when I was recording the voice note. We listened back a few weeks later. I really liked the vibe it gave so I took some recordings of our conversation and put it into the song. I am an avid Bike lover, so I suggested the idea of having a bike chain noise to add to the groove of the song Micheal took the idea and made some magic with it, it’s just subtle but I find it really cool, the ending of the song we actually made in the studio and it was a off the whim first take was cool to have that little bit of magic happen in the studio.

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