KÎND - Piercing Light

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KÎND is a five piece melodic progressive rock band made up of members from all over Ireland. Lead by songwriter Matthew Redmond, the band is made up of Ryan Mclelland on drums, Jane Patterson on lead vocals, Charlie McCarthy on bass and Eoin Butterfield on guitar and keys. Their latest release, 'Piercing Light' was recorded in Sun Studios with local producer, Thomas McGovern aka, founder of Devoy Records. McGovern works to showcase Dublin's up and coming artists by creating an immersive audible and visual experience that brings the magic of a live show straight to your screen. As an Irish progressive rock band, KÎND strives to create the unique utilising a combination of heavy guitar parts, unusual chord changes and stacked harmonies while still maintaining strong melodies throughout. This live performance marks the band's second release after their debut single of 'Fix Of Dopamine' which was released in March of 2020 and the band has a slew of upcoming releases for the remainder of 2021.

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