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My Twisted Heart - Heartbreaker

Release date 7th January, 2022

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"My Twisted Heart" is an alternative genre-blending singer-songwriter, and the brainchild of multi-disciplinarian musician Po Ki Ching. His life journey has seen him live both in Hong Kong and in Ireland, where he studied at UCC, in Cork.

Developing an interest in singing and playing covers from a young age, while listening to canton pop, j-rock, and k-rock, his creativity blossomed when he met fellow Cork creatives Outsider YP and Kestine, with whom he formed ‘Outsiders’, a creative collective, in 2017.

He has gone onto collaborate extensively as part of ‘Outsiders’, steadily contributing to their output since. His own hotly anticipated ‘Heart Leak EP’ is set to explore themes of heartbreak, through a marriage of Eastern and Western alternative and hip-hop influenced sounds. It is due for release in January 2022.

"Heartbreaker" is a song about fear. The fear of tearing apart something with great potential. The fear of not being good enough for someone but still wanting to be with them despite it all. It's also a warning message to the person you may like. But there is thrill in the fear and anxiety of it all. Sometimes it's overwhelming. Heartbreaker embodies this feeling.

"Heartbreaker" is a fresh, energetic track with an electric sound and harmonic vocals. The song explores the topics of love, loss and fear. The singer seems worried or concerned that he is not good enough for the one he loves. There is a mixture of emotions felt in this song.

'I might just break your heart,

I might just break your heart'

'you will never fall for me,

you will never fall for me'

However, the singer remains optimistic 'I hope you want me too'.

My Twisted Heart's "Heartbreaker" along with his most recent release "idontneedyou" serves as the pre-release singles for "Heart Leak" EP, which is scheduled to be released on the 14th Jan 2022. The beats for "Heartbreaker" are super intense, along with a catchy chorus, which allows listeners to experience an energetic burst from the start till the end.

Another track worthy of special mention on the EP is ‘Zombies’, a song about the difficulty of letting go. Ultimately, the project is one of turning pain into beauty for MTH. M.T Heart says “It’s like, the past year or two of stress and pressure has been converted into something that I am proud of.”

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