Nathan Mac and Emily Hazel - Domestic Wars

Release date 31st December 2020

Listen here:


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‘Domestic Wars’ is yet another explosion of colour and sound from the team of artist Nathan Mac and producer Brian Dwyer. This time however, it comes with a vocal twist, by the name of Emily Hazel... aka: Nathan’s little sister.

This brother and sister combination blend intricate harmonies and punchy vocal delivery for a song with too much energy for one artist to handle. Accompanied by strings, brass, synths, and enough rhythm to knock your socks off, Nathan Mac and Emily Haze are ending 2020 with a bang!

Strange and violent metaphors bounce back between the two singers, caught in a fight that neither of them want to be in. Domestic Wars hits hard with lyrics from every argument you’ve ever been through. “I refuse to clean up after you” becomes an angry anthem for everyone who’s had enough of someone’s s**t!

One year and 4 singles in, the ‘Start of Something Blue’ is starting to find its shape and style. With a new single to be released every two months throughout 2021, Nathan has a lot to contend with as an independent artist… but this debut album has already begun to launch the name Nathan Mac into the hearts and minds of people around the world.


Nathan Mac is a songwriter of consolation, content to be slightly forlorn… With a colourful history of circus performance and stagecraft, Nathan has taken his flair for the spectacular and built a whole new world of 'Cinematic Pop'!

Releasing his fourth single in the last moments of 2020, he’s breaking out of this strange year and into 2021 with an ambitious goal… to finish his ‘Start of Something Blue’ album… and celebrate with a very unique surprise. After claiming accolades throughout 2020, his next year is lining up to be bigger than ever. We can only imagine that 2021 will be the year of Nathan Mac.

Emily Hazel is a young voice of Dublin! With her eyes set on pursuits in ‘child psychology’ she has dipped her toe into the ocean of performance to help her brother out when he needed it… and who knows, maybe she will be swept away by the tides.

From an early age the maturity of her voice had sunk in, performing with her brother during his time at BIMM and holding her own against vocalists twice her age. Now, as she breaks out in her first single, she doesn’t fail to do the same.

The siblings, both living together in Dublin, are always singing together. Nathan has written multiple songs for them, and they could release another hit at any time… you’ll just have to watch and wait on social media.

When asked about working with his sister, Nathan had this to say:

“I love my sister to bits. She’s one of the most talented singers I know, and I knew instantly that I wouldn’t have enough ‘attitude’ to pull this song off alone. Now it’s become a fan favourite, and I’m 100% sure that she’s the reason”

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