Sasha Sky - Doubts

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Sasha Sky 21 years of age. She was born and raised in North East of England and in 2019 relocated to London to pursue her career in performing. Sasha is very passionate about both dancing and music, and always has been. She attended college at New College Durham for 4 years. Following that, she took a 2 year Acting BTEC course as well as a 2 year Music BTEC course. Sasha says both these courses 100% helped her get to where she is today. Prior to college, Sasha admits she had quite low self-esteem and next to no confidence, she was also suffering with OCD, Anxiety and Depression, while not actually knowing or understanding. Her song "Doubts" is written about that experience.

About her new single:

"Doubts" is quite a powerful song for me personally. This track is probably one of the most raw, honest and authentic songs I've written when it comes to my mental health. But I also like that the lyrics are kind of subtle in some ways, so that the listen can interpret the lyrics in their own way and maybe make it meaningful for themselves and their current experience.

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