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Having already received airplay from radio stations KCLR 96FM, Quarantine FM, Liffey Sound FM and Shannonside FM, and featured on renowned music blogs, Earmilk and Nialler9, up-and-coming Irish hip-hop artist, TJ Maestro, from Roscommon, returns with his first release of 2021, “No Option”.

On “No Option”, TJ Maestro takes his overall sound to new heights once again with the help of Dublin music engineer Zak Higgins. This song sees TJ Maestro describing how it feels to go through the process of writing a song and his own self worries as to how the song will perform when it drops. It puts the listener into TJ’s shoes throughout the track and allows them to experience the many struggles of an upcoming rapper and how difficult it is to be heard.

TJ Maestro’s honesty on this track is a breath of fresh air in Irish hip-hop as he delves into personal topics about friendship breakdowns, a lack of support from peers, his obsession to succeed and how he has 'no option' other than to get there. His lyrical ability and impressive flows are once again on display and complement the beautiful guitar-heavy instrumental provided by established US producer Depo. The endearing music video, which also drops on release date, showcases a beautiful backdrop of rural Roscommon, where TJ Maestro grew up.

The chorus from TJ Maestro is arguably his best to date with its catchy melodies and complements the verses TJ Maestro delivers during the track. The mesmerising flute that plays along with TJ's vocals throughout the chorus provides an excellent earworm for the listener and makes ‘No Option’ a playlist essential in 2021. This track cements TJ Maestro as the undeniable leader of Roscommon hip-hop.

TJ Maestro is an artist who makes uplifting hip-hop and trap music that would resonate with those who are fans of Brockhampton, Eminem and Logic, with a hint of Schoolboy Q.

He aims to set himself apart from everyone else in the fast-growing Irish hip-hop scene today.

Through his upbeat choice of instrumentals and captivating, inspirational bars; TJ Maestro has made a name for himself, making him impossible to ignore.

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