Toby Charlesworth - Acoustic EP

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Toby is a 22 year old indie folk/pop singer songwriter from London.

Toby says, "Music for me has always been about connecting with people. It started out as a connection with my dad when he gave me my first guitar at 14 - a guitar I still play to this day.As time went on music brought me new connections with new people and through it I built my own family - a family that still stands with me to this day. Ultimately what music brought me turned out to be not only a connection to my family, New and old, but a connection to myself. A connection that I want to share."

He goes on to say, "My music has grown over the years and I’m finally at a place where I feel I can start releasing it. Music for me is a way to cope with the issues in my life, and also a way to celebrate the great moments too. A lot of my songs are written about either love, heartbreak or losing someone. I feel like people relate to all of those things and we can’t deny the emotions they create, and hopefully my songs are able to make those same emotions rise up for my listeners and help them to confront their emotions head on. "

"Mental health has been a huge thing for me recently as I lost my best friend last year to suicide, many of my songs echo my relation with him. And my music is purely dedicated to carrying on the work we created together. I’ve recently released a home made, self produced EP on SoundCloud, hopefully this can give everyone a taste of what my music is aiming for. I’m currently planning to release 3 singles on all platforms in the near future, with a higher quality of music production, and I’m currently recording with my producer in Tottenham. "

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