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Toby Charlesworth - My Mind

Updated: Jan 7

Release date 30th December, 2021

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After taking a brief break to focus on himself and his songwriting, 23 year old signer/songwriter from London Toby returns with his latest single, “My Mind”.

“My Mind” is a gentle, acoustic song with a steady tempo and soft, emotive vocals. Toby combines honest, raw songwriting with a soft-sounding acoustic guitar melody.

“My Mind” touches on the subjects of longing for connection, as well as worry or concern for what the future holds.

"I’m tired of this worry,

I’m sick of this world"

"If we spend just a little more time

trapped in the moment by each other’s eyes,

Speaking through stories,

instead of through lies,

In the night,

You and I"

The song was created in one studio session with layers of added harmonies and vocals to create a more busy atmosphere. “My Mind” embodies how it feels to be in a negative space mentally, also reflecting on modern day issues in the world

About the track, Toby says:

"Music for me often acts as a therapy and writing songs like this allows me to relieve myself of that negative headspace. I hope it can have the same effect for others who may be struggling during these tough times. "

Toby has recently performed at several gigs in London, with one of his most recent being at the 02 Academy Islington. His next show is on the 3rd February 2022 at The Stag’s Head and tickets are available here

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