Toby Charlesworth - To Say Goodbye

Release date 26th March, 2021

Listen here:


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Toby is a 23 year old indie folk/pop songwriter from London.

About his new single, Toby says

"This song carries a lot of meaning for me. It asks the question "is there an easy way to say goodbye?" In short, the answer is no, there never really is. I'm sure everyone at some point in their lives has had to say goodbye. That could be saying goodbye to a lover or a friend or even your pet goldfish! What I mean is that no matter what the situation, it still carries personal meaning for each individual. In my case, the lyrics apply to losing a girl I loved, but also more importantly, to the loss of my best friend to suicide. I hope that this song can help anyone who has been in a tough circumstance, and to understand that the struggle is all just part of the healing process. I wrote the lyrics during Lockdown at a particularly low point with the help of one of my best friends. I contacted a couple of my other friends to help with adding a bass guitar, cello and drums into the track, and the song just developed from there. It definitely became a much more impactful song then I had expected, and although it may seem like a "sad song", really the chorus conveys that sense of hope, "find your path and stay strong". But that's the best part about collaborating with musicians, each perspective adds more and more detail to the music. It's like a piece of art you know, people say a painting is never truly finished, well it's the same with music, there's always a new angle or a new layer you can add to create a track, and only when you decide to stop tweaking the details then the final product is produced. The whole experience of creating the single has been great, and after a long time waiting, I'm excited for people to listen. This is my Debut Single, and I hope that people can really relate to it on a greater scale and find some sort of comfort and inspiration behind the lyrics."

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